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People with O-blood group have a lower risk of code 19, research says

People with the O blood group have a lower risk of contracting the new novel coronavirus. The claim was made in a new medical study.

The preliminary study by biotechnology company 23 & Me involved 7.5 million people, preliminary data of which have just been released.

According to preliminary results, people with O-blood group are 9 to 18 percent less likely to be diagnosed with corona virus than others.

Research has shown that people who are at greater risk of contracting the virus, such as medical personnel and those engaged in urgent work, or those who are in contact with an infected person, have an increased risk of contracting the virus in people with blood group 13. Less than 26%.

The research team did not find any significant difference in the risk of other blood groups, but did say that people with O-blood group are less likely to be hospitalized.

Work on the study began in April and the volunteers involved in the survey were asked to answer questions such as whether they had symptoms such as the flu or the common cold and when they were diagnosed, treated or as a result of Code 19. I didn’t have to go to the hospital.

The genetic information of these volunteers was also obtained.

Preliminary results showed that the ABO gene, which determines different blood groups, reduces the risk of being diagnosed with the disease.

The total number of patients with blood group O was 1.3 percent, while the number of patients with blood group A was 1.4 percent and the number of patients with blood group B and AB was 1.5 percent.

When the researchers looked at people who had a higher risk of contracting the virus, they found that the chances of being diagnosed with code 19 in O-blood group were 3.2% lower than in others. It was 4% in group and 4.1% in AB blood group.

But a statement from the company acknowledged that research was still in its infancy.

The researchers said that in some reports, code 19 has been linked to blood clots and blood vessel diseases, suggesting that genes may play a role.

“It’s still early days and despite the current patterns, it’s hard to say that we’ve discovered a genetic link,” he said.

“Not only are we doing this, but the entire scientific community needs to know the answers to the question of the relationship between genes and code 19,” he added.

Last week, research in Germany and Norway claimed that people with a certain blood group were at higher risk for the disease.

Research has shown that people with A blood group may have a higher risk of developing the most serious form of corona virus.

The study identified two sites in the human genome that increase the risk of respiratory failure in people with COD 19, one of which was in the gene that determines blood type.

Research has shown that people with A blood group who have code 19 may be more likely to need oxygen or a ventilator.

However, Andre Frank, a professor of molecular medicine at the University of Kyle in Germany, who was involved in the study, said it was not necessary for blood groups to determine a person’s illness.

“Until now, we have not been able to differentiate between blood groups or certain genetic factors linked to blood group,” he said. Individuals are 50 percent more secure and those in Group A are 50 percent more at risk.

The researchers collected blood samples from 1,610 patients undergoing code 19 in hospitals in Italy and Spain who needed oxygen or a ventilator. The DNA was collected from blood samples and scanned using a technique called genotyping. went.

He was later compared to 2205 people who did not fall victim to Code 19.

The researchers also analyzed the DNA of Code 19 patients to determine if they had any genetic code in common.

But researchers are still unsure why this connection exists.

Similarly, a study in China in March found that people with blood type A had a higher risk of developing code 19, while people with blood type A had a significantly lower risk. ۔

The researchers said that the difference in the risk of different blood groups and code 19 may be the result of specific antibodies in the blood, but more research is needed to confirm this.

Other medical experts, citing new research, said the work was limited and that the research team did not consider a number of other factors that could increase the risk of code 19 in an individual.

He said that researchers should consider other factors as well to understand why the blood group does not provide adequate protection against the disease.

“Everyone needs to be very careful about this corona virus, no matter what their blood type,” he said. “Early evidence suggests that there is a link between blood groups and code 19.” But nowhere is it said that people with O-blood group have 100% protection against the disease or that people with A-blood group are 100 percent at risk.

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