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PCB to legislate and send players involved in fixing to jail, Rameez Raja

Former national team captain and well-known commentator Rameez Raja has demanded that the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) legislate against match-fixing and send corrupt players to jail after Umar Akmal was banned for three years.

The Pakistan Cricket Board had banned middle-order batsman Umar Akmal from playing any form of cricket for three years for violating the anti-corruption code.

Rameez Raja said in his message on social networking site Twitter that Umar Akmal has also become a part of the list of fixing players, it is a waste of talent.

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He said that now is the time for Pakistan to legislate against match-fixing and show such people the way to jail otherwise they should be prepared for more such incidents.

He also discussed on his YouTube channel that Umar Akmal has now written his name in the list of fixing players and it is not clear what he thought and did, why he was cautious. Does not use

He said that not reporting the offer made by Bucky is as much a crime as fixing a match because as soon as you cross the red line, you have to be punished.

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The former cricketer, who has the honor of representing Pakistan in 57 Tests and 1698 ODIs, said that cricket was caught in a whirlpool of fixing and international cricket and Pakistan cricket could not afford more such news.

Rameez Raja said that from a young age Umar Akmal had money, skills, fame and everything but maybe the company was not good and we have been explaining again and again what is your responsibility as sports ambassador but I think It didn’t matter to him, nor did he learn anything from history.

He said that the history of fixing of Pakistan is in front of everyone, something like this has been going wrong in every era, every season but the players of the present era have not learned anything from the players of the past and the players of the past have not taken such steps. Raise them so that they can become good role models.

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On this occasion, he also took the cricket fans by surprise and said that the fans also come to apologize after some time because the players involved in fixing had skills and talent and as soon as Pakistan cricket faltered, the players involved in fixing Try to get back into the game by apologizing.

Rameez Raja joined hands with cricket fans and Pakistani society to plead not to pardon the players involved in the fixing as these players tarnish Pakistan’s name by doing so.

“If there is one and a half cases, we may forgive them, but there is a 20-25 year old history of fixing from which no lessons have been learned, so there is no forgiveness for such a crime,” he said.

He demanded that no leniency should be shown in this regard as Pakistan cricket has been badly hurt. We have apologized many times but we do not get anything in return.

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The former captain said that he was more upset with Umar Akmal because he had talent but now he has been banned and with this move he has tarnished not only his own name but also the name of his family.

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