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Pakistani scientists have developed the genome sequence of the corona virus

Pakistani scientists have developed a complete genome sequence of the new Novel Corona virus.

Scientists from the University of Karachi’s Jamil ur Rehman Center for Genome Research and Dow University have made significant progress in the preparation and genomic analysis of the virus.

University of Karachi
According to Dawn newspaper, Karachi University’s Jamil ur Rehman Center for Genome Research (JCGR) developed a whole genome sequence of the corona virus with the help of a local patient, whose analysis revealed that the virus was transmitted to Pakistan by China. Something different.

Researchers say that if funding is available for at least 50 genomes of sequences, this process will help in the treatment, diagnosis, and prevention of corona virus disease.

“The genome of this new SARS-Cov2 virus has been developed for the first time in Pakistan,” said Professor Mohammad Iqbal Chaudhry, director of the International Center for Chemical and Biological Sciences, Karachi University.

The center has 2 areas – one is the Jamil Rahman Center for Genome Research and the other is the Panjwani Center for Molecular Medicine and Drug Research.

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The sample was obtained from a patient who had traveled to Iran and was admitted to the Dow University of Health Sciences for treatment, said Dr. Ishtiaq Ahmed, who heads the research team for the virus. The sample was analyzed at the University of Karachi.

“The big task of the analysis was to carefully separate the human genome from the virus genome, in less than a week to complete the task and compare this discovery with international data,” he said. went’.

He said that when the research team compared it to sequences developed in Wuhan, China, there were 9 mutations (changes in DNA) in different parts of the genome.

“But even though the virus is linked to the virus that spreads from Wuhan, there are no changes in proteins and enzymes, which help the virus make it into the respiratory tract within the human body,” he explained.

According to Professor Iqbal Chaudhry, changes in the corona virus are occurring very slowly and it is time to say firsthand what impact these changes can have on the severity of the disease.

“In an epidemic, it is important to monitor the rate and nature of such changes, as it helps in future therapies and vaccinations, for example a single change in the chicken guinea virus,” he said. The virus was spreading more easily. ”

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Professor Iqbal Chaudhry said that hundreds of genomes of this new novel corona virus have been produced in different parts of the world, while Cambridge University in the UK is trying to generate large amounts of data in the British population.

“Given the specific environmental conditions of our country, we emphasize that more genomes of patients should be developed in different parts of Pakistan to help understand the spread and types of viruses in the country,” he said. It will help our young scientists increase their capacity, while vaccination and treatment preparation will be easier. ‘

Dow University

Photo courtesy of Dow
Photo courtesy of Dow

On the other hand, a statement from Dow University said that the new Novel Corona virus is changing its genetic system according to local conditions.

A team led by Prof. Muhammad Saeed Qureshi, Vice-Chancellor of the Dow University of Health Sciences, analyzed the genome sequences of the corona virus that were prepared from a local patient sample.

Experts say that the determination of sequelae is a smart move that will help vaccines and therapies in the future, but it is currently a preliminary step and further research needs to be done in this regard.

During the study, the sample was isolated from the virus’s RNA, the virus was transmitted locally to the youngster, but research proved that the virus came from Saudi Arabia and resulted in the young family’s 15 members. Infected, indicating that the spread of the virus locally is occurring very rapidly.

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Genome sequencing revealed that this virus’s sequelae is slightly different from the virus spreading in Wuhan, which has undergone some changes.

The virus began to spread from China and reached Pakistan via Saudi Arabia.

The team said that this was just a case, that many other samples are currently being analyzed, with patients suffering from other countries such as Iran, Iraq, Syria, the United Kingdom and the United States.

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