Owners leave their employees with salaries, Mahira Khan

Due to the increasing corona virus cases in Pakistan where lockdown has been announced in many cities, many people are also worried about their work now.

In such a case, the famous actress Mahira Khan requested the employers to pay salaries to the employees.

The actress wrote in her tweet on social networking website Twitter that “If you are educated, can spend a month without work and are in a powerful position, this war is most likely yours.”

He further wrote that ‘at a time when we should take care of those who are not in our position, inform them of this, leave them with salaries, make their lives easier’.

Expert Khan is leading the way in spreading awareness among people about the Corona virus.

Earlier, the actress also shared a video in which she appeared to inform the fans about social distance while also giving a message about washing hands and cleaning.

What is Corona Virus?
The corona virus is a common viral virus that usually infects animals that feed on babies, but it also affects humans, including sea creatures.

The virus infects the human respiratory system and also causes sore throat, including respiratory distress, and the symptoms of the virus are different from common colds or throat diseases.

Symptoms of the corona virus include nasal congestion, headache, cough, sore throat and fever, and according to the Chinese Union Health Minister, “the outbreak is very fast, I am afraid that it may continue for some time.” And the number of cases may increase. ‘

Many places in China were closed to public places and other important tourist destinations, including cinemas, after the virus was confirmed to be transmitted from one person to another, while citizens were instructed to take precautions.

In addition, people were instructed to stay in homes while converting several cities to Quarantina and new lunar holidays were extended to keep educational institutions and other offices closed.

It is clear that being infected with a corona virus can cause symptoms such as flu or pneumonia, while no new cure for this new type is present, but it can be controlled with precautionary measures and other medicines

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