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Osmanli Tokadi Episode 25 with English Subtitles

Osmanli Tokadi Episode 25 The events begin on May 28, 1453, the day before Istanbul is conquered. The two janissaries of the Ottoman army, Doan Bey and Ahin Bey, have traits that are diametrically opposed to one another. Their desire to serve as soldiers who will hang the Sanjak (flag) on Istanbul’s walls is the one thing they share in common.

However, things don’t go as planned. Doan and Ahin quit their jobs because they are often fighting with one another. Because the terrible Alexandros has emerged from the shadows of Byzantium and is out to destroy Fatih Sultan Mehmet at all costs, the consequence of this error will be high. Alexandros, who is willing to sacrifice anyone—even his gorgeous daughter Konstantina—for this purpose, flees before achieving his objective, but Doan and Ahin are helpless against the gazes of Mighty Aksemsettin.

The Janissaries request one final chance. Mighty Akşemsettin says, “Then follow the white rabbit,” providing them with the crucial opportunity. And he sends them into the 21st century, the century of opportunity. Even decades later, the janitors dispatched by Mighty Aksemsettin to modern-day Istanbul were searching for a way out.

They notice that they resemble those from 1453. Aksemsettin, Fatih, Konstantina, and Alexandros are also present. However, none of them are yet aware of what the Janissaries are. The Janissaries just know that “It’s going to be a catastrophe!”

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