One corona vaccine approval to use for the Chinese military

Several companies around the world are developing vaccines to prevent corona virus, but very few have entered the human testing phase.

One of the earliest vaccines is being developed in China, and preliminary human test results were released in May that were considered encouraging.

The vaccine is being developed by the Chinese company Ken Sino Biologic in collaboration with the Chinese Army’s research unit, the Academy of Military Sciences (AMS).

The Chinese military has now approved the use of the vaccine for its personnel after it proved safe and somewhat effective in clinical trials.

The Ed5NV vaccine is one of eight vaccines in China that are undergoing human testing, and has been approved for human testing in Canada.

On June 25, China’s Central Military Commission approved the use of the vaccine for the phone for one year, according to a statement issued by Ken Sino.

The company said in a statement that the vaccine is currently limited to military use and will not be widely used until approved by the Logistics Support Department.

However, the company declined to say whether the vaccine would be mandatory for Chinese troops or at their discretion.

Earlier this month, Chinese authorities approved the use of two other vaccines for state-owned employees traveling abroad, before approving the use of the vaccine for the military.

The first and second human trials of the Ken Sino vaccine were discovered to be helpful in preventing diseases caused by the corona virus, but the company said there was no guarantee of commercial success.

The Chinese military’s research unit, the Academy of Military Sciences, also approved testing a second experimental vaccine on humans to prevent the current corona virus.

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