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One charger ready for all Apple products

London: Due to the increasing use of electric manual products we have to keep up with the various chargers on the go. But the good news for people using Apple products in this regard is that they can now charge four devices simultaneously with a single charger.

This little all round  charger has been named Watts Sugar, which can charge iPhone, Apple Watch, MacBook and AirPods at one time. Interestingly, it is also Powerbank at a time and can charge in wireless mode II. On the other hand, it transmits the electrons to the battery very fast and smoothly.

Although all Apple products have similarities, when it comes to chargers, the smart watch’s charger is separate from the phone’s charger, and the MacBook’s charger will inevitably be different from the iPad’s. This way it is very difficult to carry each charger and keep the device alive.

The Watts Sugar Charger is lightweight and specially designed. You can use it from home to office, office to restaurant or airport. However, it can also charge many types of Android phones. Interestingly, it can charge multiple devices at once.

It has two ports for USB, and has USB Magnet wireless charging facility. But this charger can also become a power bank and operates many devices without any power supply. Power bank has 5000 mAh battery installed. Keep traveling this way and powering the devices.

Users will often notice that plug-in pin styles are different in different countries. You can plug in any country accordingly.

This important invention is currently going through the crowd funding on the Kickstarter website and a charger costs around $ 60.

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