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Nigeria offers free cows for surrendering to bandits

Nigeria: Insurgent-like bandits in Nigeria have been offered cattle by the government in exchange for a gun, in exchange for two cows in exchange for an AK-47 (Kalashnikov). This is because cattle such as cows are very important in this area.

The purpose of this offer is to allow the robbers to come to the right path and live a normal life. It should be noted that in the northwestern Nigerian state of Zamfara, these robbers continue to commit incidents by biting on motorcycles. Ordinary citizens are terrified of their actions.

Cows and other cattle are important in this rural society, although the robbers include herdsmen themselves and say they are victims of political revenge, economic inequality and looting. But in these areas the price of a cow is Rs 45,000 while in the black market the price of a Kalashnikov is up to Rs 300,000.
According to law enforcement agencies, the miscreants bought weapons by selling cows and now the government wants them to surrender again and take two cows instead of one AK-47. These attackers disappear into dense forests after the incident. They rob shops, are involved in kidnappings for ransom, and snatch grain. In a recent attack, robbers killed 21 people.

The conflict has been raging for the past ten years and has engulfed many parts of Nigeria. This includes shepherds on the one hand and farming tribes on the other.

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