New scientific findings on the effects of the Corona virus and hot weather have emerged

A study in China last week reviewed the rise in temperature and the slowing of the spread of the new novel corona virus.
The study claimed that hot and humid weather could affect this new virus’s ability to make people sick.
Now, in Europe and the United States too, reviewing the relationship between warmer weather and the spread of the virus, it is said that natural can help slow down the outbreak.
A preliminary study by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in America showed that in communities living in hot climates, the outbreak of this corona virus is relatively slow compared to other locations.
Researchers discovered that areas with the highest prevalence of corona virus were those where the temperature was low, ie 3 to 17 degrees Celsius.
Although there are reports of Corona virus cases in countries where the summer is currently underway, their numbers are less than 6% of global cases in places over 18 ° C.
Professor Kasim Bukhari, who is involved in the study, said that where the temperature goes down, the number of cases increases rapidly, you can see this trend in Europe, although the medical system is the best in the world.
He says the temperature factor is also found in the United States, where the spread of the virus appears slower in southern states such as Arizona, Florida and Texas than in Washington, New York and Colorado.
This effect is similar to that observed by pandemic experts in other viruses.
During the flu, there are usually more cases during November and April, Dr. Deborah Breaks, a member of the US AIDS Global Global AIDS Coordinator and the new task force for the new Corona virus, said during a briefing.
He also said that this trend was also seen during the 2002 Sarz Corona virus outbreak, but he said it was difficult to determine whether the new Corona virus would still be seen.
Beyond that, other research reports have reported a slower pace of new corona virus outbreaks from warmer climates.
Scientists in Spain and Finland discovered in a study that spreads rapidly during a dry environment and temperatures of 2 to 10 centigrade.
Similarly, research in China last week discovered that the virus was spread to cities where temperatures were high and humidity was high before the Chinese government took aggressive measures to prevent the outbreak. Was slower than the others.
But none of those studies have been reviewed by other scientists yet, and experts at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the United States have acknowledged that elements such as travel restrictions, social distance measures, availability of tests and the burden of hospitals are possible. The number of cases in different countries was affected.
He said the relationship between the weather and the Corona virus should not be a source of satisfaction for policy makers and the public. “We still need to take concrete precautions. Warm weather may disable the virus to some extent,” he said. But less effective spread does not mean that it will end. ‘
He added that hot weather may make it difficult for the Corona virus to survive in the air or on the surface for long periods of time, but it can still be infectious for hours.
In fact, seasonal viruses such as influenza and seasonal colds do not completely disappear during the summer, but are also present to some extent in people’s bodies and other parts of the world, where they wait for the proper time to spread again. Are.
According to Gerbas Barbarossa, assistant director of the American Health Organization, a subsidiary of the World Health Organization in America, it will take another 4 to 6 weeks to clear the picture of the impact of the weather on the new Corona virus.
The outbreak of the virus locally around the world also indicates that the virus is potentially more resistant to warmer temperatures, and that is why the World Health Organization recommends immediate and aggressive measures on countries. Is being called upon to prevent it.
MIT scientists warn that warming weather will reduce the spread of the virus for a very short time in some countries.
He said that nothing is known about the virus yet, no one can predict that after the warm weather, the virus will not return to power so autumn or winter again.
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