Never supported whitening products,Mahira Khan

KARACHI: Actress Mahira Khan says that she has never supported whitening products since the beginning of her career.

The death of George Floyd, a black man at the hands of a white police officer in the US city of Minneapolis, has shocked people all over the world and people have risen up against the prejudice against black people in the United States. ۔

Voices are being raised in favor of blacks in Pakistan as well and Pakistani artists are expressing solidarity with the deceased George Floyd. However, actress Zara Noor Abbas found it costly to speak in favor of George Floyd.
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In fact, Zara Noor Abbas on Instagram condemned the killing of an American black man and the spread of prejudice against blacks in the United States, calling racism a war.

While Zara Noor Abbas supported the “Black Lives Meter” campaign, she is also seen working in an advertisement for a whitening cream, which she has also advertised on her Instagram account.

At the same time, they are being sharply criticized on social media for supporting the whitening cream and condemning the widespread prejudice against blacks.

Zara Noor Abbas’s post has sparked a debate on social media over the past few days and people are telling Zara Noor Abbas to stop working in whitening products first and then voice in favor of black people. Will pick up

Recently, BBC Urdu correspondent Haroon Rasheed asked on Twitter about the same debate. Can you name the Bollywood or Pakistani stars who have never supported whitening products?

In response to this question, Mahira Khan, instead of naming another star, said that she never supported whitening products even at the beginning of her career when she was a VJ. He also refused to promote whitening products.

Singer Momina Mustahasan also responded to Mahira Khan’s tweet by saying that she too has always refused to work in skin whitening products. The amount of melanin in your skin has nothing to do with how beautiful you are. “If we all responsibly refuse whitening products, it could change the market,” he added. We have the power to change everything.

It should be noted that in an interview some time ago, actress Iqra Aziz had said that she had refused to support the whitening product because she did not think it was right. She further said that being blonde is a successful life. Is not a symbol.

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