Najam Sethi accused me to being close to imran khan and did not allow him to work, Atta-ur-Rehman

KARACHI: Former Test fast bowler Ata-ur-Rehman has said that Najam Sethi accused him of being Imran Khan’s lobby man and did not allow him to work when he went back to England because of him.

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In an interview, Atta-ur-Rehman said that former chairman Najam Sethi disappointed me a lot. He used to call me to his office and sit me for hours and tell me to do your job and then stop my file.

Although I wanted Pakistan to serve cricket, Najam Sethi used to say that this is Imran Khan’s lobby man. Let him go around like this. He said that I have never done fixing. The ICC cleared me and I have also worked with the PCB many times.

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Atta-ur-Rehman claimed that Babar Azam, Umar Siddique and Salman Qadir were his discoveries, and their potential was assessed at the junior level.

Najam Sethi denied Ata-ur-Rehman’s allegations

On the other hand, Najam Sethi has denied the allegations of Ata-ur-Rehman. He said that I did not even know him. I met him twice in the office parking lot where he was waiting for me and asking for a job.

There was no job for him so he didn’t give it, I don’t even know that he is Imran Khan’s friend.

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