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Microsoft warns Android phone users against ransomware virus

Microsoft has warned Android users that the new virus could cause them problems. The ransomware has been dubbed “Mall Locker.b”.

Smartphones have become a necessity of life and this one phone contains information about personal life that no one would want to “go around”. Personal data, property and bank account details are beyond them, which is why smartphones have always been the target of hackers or users lose important information to a virus.

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Microsoft has warned Android phone users that a dangerous virus for their smartphones, MalLocker.B, is being transmitted through online forums and websites, and that the virus is mostly hidden inside Android apps. Be careful when loading.
What does this virus do?

If this malware gets into a phone, it first prevents the user from accessing the phone’s screen. Unlike other ransomware, “Mall Locker.b” does not encrypt the phone’s language and displays a message that I claim to be from a law enforcement agency and a ransom is demanded for unlocking the screen.

The screen does not work despite every attempt by the user to press the Home or any other button and threatening messages are displayed by “hackers” demanding money in exchange for opening the screen. The code of this malware is very simple and can be easily transferred to more than one phone.

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What Android Phone Users Can Do to Avoid Malware

Microsoft has instructed Android phone users not to download any app whose link is not clear, whose source is suspicious and which is not well-known. Always download safe, trusted and reputable apps.

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