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Mendirman Jaloliddin Episode 19 (Season 2 Episode 6) with Urdu Subtitles

Mendirman Jaloliddin (Jalaluddin Khwarazm Shah) Episode 19 Review

In Mendirman Jaloliddin Episode 19, The fox takes a gander at the birds in the timberland and says that Tukhtav realizes they are in the backwoods. The fox says they should remain together and keeps on looking for Tukhtav. While conversing with Kutlu, Aycicek discovers that Akshah will get a few double crossers.

Kutlu is stressed over the catch of Behram. Aycicek requests that she stay quiet and pause. The fox says Tukhtav will draw near to them. In the mean time, Tukhtav sees them and Jalaluddin’s troopers attempt to shoot him. Tukhtav understands that they are foes and starts to escape. While Shirin sobs for her mom, Uzlagshah comes and attempts to comfort her. Kutlu takes her blade in her grasp and says that now Behram should pay for what he has done. Shamsiddinbek makes an arrangement to address Behram alone and goes to the prison with Turkan’s fighters.

Jalaluddin says that Tukhtav is utilizing the woods as a weapon and makes a move to get him. Shirin says her mom can’t see her wedding and requests Uzlag to be the Sultan from the express regardless. Taking a gander at the trees, the fox says that they are drawing nearer to Tukhtav, however meanwhile, Timur’s two additional fighters bite the dust because of the snares. Jalaluddin gets exceptionally irate and begins running. Shamsiddinbek asks who put the paper in Turkan’s room, however Behram says a Shehzade worked together with them. Then, the fighters of the Sultan come and take Behram.

One of Tukhtav’s snares gets Jalaluddin. While Alauddin was asking, one of the warriors comes and says that Kutlu wounded Behram. Ruler calls Kutlu. While Tukhtav was headed to execute Jalaluddin, his snare injured him. Jalaluddin cuts the rope from his feet and gets Tukhtav. Ruler asks Kutlu for what good reason she did something like this. Kutlu says that she is furious on account of what Behram said, however the Sultan blows up with her.Mendirman Jaloliddin Episode 13 (Jalaluddin KhwarazmShah) English and Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

Afterward, Turkan calls the two of them to her room and blows up with them. Kutlu advises that the wrongdoing has a place with her and asks Turkan not to be furious with Aycicek. Turkan says that on the off chance that she talks without authorization once more, she will remove Kutlu’s tongue. That evening, Akshah begins conversing with Kutlu and gets some information about the shop on the lookout. Kutlu says that she made the important clarification to Jalaluddin. Akshah says Kutlu is a backstabber. Kutlu goes against him and asks him not to express such things without proof. The following morning, Jalaluddin and Timur get back to the royal residence.

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The agent sent by Turkan goes to the tent of Genghis. Genghis asks what Turkan needs and the minister says that Turkan needs to be companions with him. Genghis says that this man was really a trader and realized that he came here as a government operative. Genghis says this man is presently a covert operative working for him and asks him what the Turks are doing.

Turkan’s covert agent says that Jalaluddin wedded Kutlu and Behram was captured. The government agent proceeds to talk and gives Genghis more data. Jalaluddin says he will carry Jihangir to the royal residence and bids farewell to Kutlu. Kutlu says she will hang tight for him regardless. Jalaluddin goes to the prison and wounds Behram. Behram bites the dust in the royal residence’s prison. Nizam says that Jalaluddin left the castle without telling anything. Ruler is irate with Jalaluddin. In the interim, Uzlag goes to the castle.

Alauddin says that this state has a Sultan and three Shehzades. Alauddin says that Akshah had expressed before that he would not like to be a Sultan. Alauddin says that he needed Jalaluddin to be the following Sultan, however he defied orders and slaughtered Behram. Alauddin requests the assessments of government authorities to pick the beneficiary to the seat. The fox takes Tukhtav to Genghis. Genghis asks what he needs from him as an award.

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Publishing date is 16-05-2021

Mendirman Jaloliddin (Jalaluddin Khwarazm Shah) Season 2 Episode 5 with Urdu Subtitles Full HD

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