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Mahira Khan’s voice-based short film ‘Separation’

The first part of the second short film ‘Separation’ directed by filmmaker Ahmed Sarem has been released, in which well-known actress Mahira Khan has voiced.

Ahmed Sarem’s film ‘Separation’ was released on the YouTube channel (Qissa Nagri), where a short film coin by model Zara Abid, who died in a plane crash last month, was released.

Qissa Nagri was Zara Abid’s first short film on the YouTube channel and starred actress Saba Qamar.

The first film of Qissa Nagri also told the story of a woman’s struggle and Zara Abid acted brilliantly in it.

The first part of Ahmed Sarem’s second short film ‘Separation’ is less than 5 minutes long and before the film starts, Mahira Khan is seen providing information about the film.

Even before the start of the film, Mahira Khan was seen not only talking about ‘separation’ but she was also seen informing the fans about filmmaker Ahmed Sarem.

The story of the short film tries to show the condition of the heart and soul of a person suffering from various problems and strange anxieties.

The film stars Ahmed Sarem and actress Mameen Qutb Shahi and the male character of Ahmed Sarem is voiced by Mahira Khan.

Mahira Khan’s style of storytelling is being highly appreciated and people also appreciated the story and idea of ​​the short film.

Ahmed Sarem also wrote the story of ‘Separation’ and directed it. It is not yet clear when the second part of the film will be released, but it is likely that the second part will be released soon

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