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Made a mistake by removing Sarfraz from the national T20 team,Rashid Latif

Former captain of the national cricket team, Rashid Latif, termed Sarfraz Ahmed’s removal from the national T20 squad as a mistake and said that for the betterment of Pakistan cricket, we have to plan for the next 30 years.

Speaking exclusively, Rashid Latif said that the cricket has been cracked by the Corona virus, the PSL has not been completed while all other things, including domestic cricket, have been stopped so we are going backwards. ۔

Rashid Latif said that before the PSL, we were going down in all three formats, we are number one in T20 but we are in danger that this global number one position will be lower than us.

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He said that in our country, cricket boards change very rapidly, every time a new chairman has made a new board law and every law seems to make itself safe instead of our cricket.

The former wicketkeeper batsman said, “I wish we could find a chairman or a government that has a constitution for the next 30 years that includes school, region, district, club cricket, that cricket has disappeared.”

He termed the absence of club cricket as the cause of the decline of Pakistan cricket and said that Pakistan cricket got a lot of players from Karachi cricket in Karachi and Rawalpindi but it has ended and we have to focus on club cricket again to regain its rise.

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Rashid Latif said it is not wonderful to come in at number one or number two, not to win one event in 10 years, but more importantly, to win the series from Australia, England and so on.

He said that any administrator, chairman or administrator should give at least 5 years and then evaluate their performance but within a year everything policy including National Cricket Academy, selection committee, coaching staff should be made. ۔

The former wicketkeeper batsman, who has represented Pakistan in 37 Tests and 166 ODIs, added, “We have to make a document for our cricket because without the documentation we cannot walk, England, Australia, South Africa and India have It exists and they play on cricket’s blueprint.

He said that if sports were reviewed around the world, policy-making is not a difficult task; clubs and boards are running successfully all over the world.

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“We used to play with our region and after 8-9 matches, we would come to the department and we would have to bring back the same old system to improve our cricket,” he said.

Rashid Latif said that the obsession with cricket is more closely linked to the height of the game, today’s kid plays at the playstation while we used to play tap ball, tennis ball and hardball in the streets of our time, we had madness but Today, that madness is over, people have earned more money in our time, but nowadays if a player makes a contract of $ 50,000, it is the life of an old-time cricketer, today the player plays cricket. So you want to play for Pakistan but we used to play for our passion and passion.

On the occasion, he revealed a memorable story of Saeed Anwar, saying that Saeed Anwar was not a cricket enthusiast, Saeed Anwar was good at reading and never played a tab ball, his father used to play in the Malir Gymkhana. So he used to bring them forcibly because he was not fond. He started cricket in true cricket. He had a Super Cup match with Haidari. Shalimar was the match. Waheed Mirza sent him the opener. Do 30-35 after which Isaac’s brother took UBL from there.

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Rashid Latif also called the respect factor a factor in the decline of Pakistan cricket, saying that today’s players lack respect for their seniors. So this is the biggest difference between today and the past.

In response to a question, he said, “We have to give the environment to make the player a great player. If we have to give freedom, it will give the player confidence which can make a big difference in his career as a cricketer.”

Former captain of the national team said that Babar Azam is a great player and can be a great player but his ability to speak is lacking while restrictions have made his weakness more prominent.

He advised young players to play with a positive mind in every situation and try to overcome their negative aspects and shortcomings as a player knows best what his flaws are. ۔

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Rashid Latif said that Sarfraz Ahmed should not be eliminated from T20 and we have made Rizwan captain in all three formats even though both Sarfraz and Kamran Akmal are better than them in T20.

He said that Rizwan is the best player in ODIs and Test and should not be removed from it, but he should feed either the top or Kamran in the T20

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