Jennifer Lopez’s fourth marriage delays due to corona virus

While many major gatherings around the world are being delayed and canceled due to the Corona virus, the marriage of American actress and singer Jennifer Lopez alias Jay Lou has been delayed.

Jennifer Lopez explained in a video interview to Alan D. Jenner that her marriage plan was also affected by the Corona virus.

He said, “Just as the whole world has stopped now and is waiting to be saved from this epidemic and come back to its normal life. We are just waiting, waiting a few months and Then they will think what to do next. ‘

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Considering that Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez were married in March last year, in an interview in late February this year, the actress made it clear that she and her fiance were in no hurry to get married.

Jennifer Lopez, 50, added, “If we are going to spend the rest of our lives together, what’s the point?”

The actress added that ‘the strange thing is that when we got engaged, I wanted to get married within a few months, but with the passage of time the thinking changed’.

According to reports, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez were going to get married in March or April this year, but the actress herself has not released a statement in this regard.

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Remember that this will be Jennifer Lopez’s fourth marriage and Alex Rodriguez’s second marriage, both having 2, 2 children from their previous marriages.

The actress started her career in 1991 - Photo: Instagram

The pair have been together since early 2017 and have become part of the cover of the journal Viniti Fair, in which they were given the nickname of Jay Road.

Jay Luo married 44-year-old Ojani Lova, a Cuban actor, in 1997, and they divorced within a year.


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Jennifer Lopez married the second American actor, Chris Judd, 49, in 2001, and they divorced in 2003.

Jay Lou married the third American singer, 50-year-old Mark Anthony, in 2004 and their marriage was more successful than the first two.

Jay Lou’s third marriage lasted a decade, though the couple divorced in 2014.

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After the breakup of the third marriage, Jay’s name continued to be associated with several actors and singers, but he never confirmed his relationship with anyone.

It is to be noted that Jay Lu started his career as a dancer in 1991, after which he also started acting in 1993.

They also get fame because of their fitness - Photo: Instagram

Starting her career as a backup dancer, Jennifer Lopez quickly identified herself as an actress, singer, dancer, producer and filmmaker due to her beauty, physical appearance, fitness and abilities.

So far, Jay Lu has also released close to 10 music albums, including acting in more than 25 films, while also working in numerous TV dramas and serials.

Jay Lo is also the producer of several projects, including performing on stage.

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