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It is possible to know the meaning of the cat’s voice through the app

Efforts to understand the language of animals have been going on for years about what animals, especially pets, want to say and explain with their specific sounds.

Now experts have developed an application that can be used to translate cat sounds.

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This app was developed by a former engineer of Amazon Alexa, which aims to translate the cat’s ‘meow’.

According to a report by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), this app called ‘Miaon Talk’ records the sound and then tries to recognize its meaning.

According to the report, the app currently has only 13 phrases in its vocabulary, including phrases like ‘feed me’, ‘I’m angry’ and ‘leave me alone’.

* Photo: Miao Talk

* Photo: Miao Talk

According to one study, unlike humans, not all cats use the same language.

The cats of each cat are unique and according to their owner, of which some cats speak more than others.

So the translation of the app is different with each separate profile, rather than a normal database for cat sounds.

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By recording and labeling sounds, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine-learning software can better understand each cat’s voice.

* Photo: Miao Talk

* Photo: Miao Talk

And the more it is used, the better.

Javier Sanchez, group technical program manager at app developer Aquilon, said in a webinar on his website that the ultimate goal of the app is to develop a smart-collar.

He said the technology would instantly translate cat’s meow and human voice through the collar.

Javier Sanchez added: “I think this app is especially important now because there are people who are confined to homes with cats because of the social distance.”

“It will help them communicate with their cat, or at least understand their cat’s intentions and form a very important relationship,” he said.

This app, which translates cat feathers, is available for free on Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store.

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