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It is now possible to delete years old posts simultaneously on Facebook

Facebook has introduced a new tool that allows users to delete posts that are years old. This new feature, called Manage Activity, will allow users to delete multiple posts at once, or move them to archives if they wish, where only they can view them.

According to Facebook, this feature is for people who want to delete old content, but at the moment this task is possible only with a lot of scrolling or deleting one post in the activity feed, which is a big pain.

This feature will be available to some users on the Facebook app from today and everyone will be able to use it in the next few weeks.

“People’s lives are constantly changing and we want to help them reflect their current personality on Facebook,” the Facebook statement said.

Users who want to delete or archive their old content will be able to find these posts through filters such as history, tags from people, and content type, such as photos, videos, text updates.

In simple words, it will be possible to delete or archive years old posts by searching in minutes without manual scrolling.

Posts that will be deleted will remain in a folder for 30 days and then disappear forever or can be deleted by going there yourself.

Interestingly, such a tool has not been available in social networks like Facebook for years, but in recent months the company has improved a lot in this regard.

Earlier this year, the Off-Facebook Activity Tool was introduced, which summarizes data from third-party sites (used to show targeted ads) and the option to blow up data.

You can find it in the Facebook Mobile app or in the Settings menu of the desktop site in the Your Facebook Information section, where it will be called Off-Facebook Activity.

Clicking on it will show you a list of all the websites and apps that Facebook tracks when you are not using Facebook.

In fact, looking at this list, you will be amazed at how much information Facebook has about your online activities.

This Facebook list also lists how often and when you visited a website and clicking on a name will tell you how the company came to know about it and what it did with that information. Can do

If you want to clear this data, there will be a Clear History button at the top, which when clicked will warn you that by doing so, you may be logged out of the services in which you use Facebook. Are logged in.

Data retrieval from Facebook will continue after this cleanup and will only stop when you do not use the opt-out option hidden in Manage Future Activity which will be on the right side of the website version. ۔

If you turn off data collection, Facebook will tell you that you will see as many ads as you have seen before, but they will be less personalized.

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