Isn’t this a common mistake that weakens the immune system?

The new Novel Corona virus is said to be dangerous for older people as well as people whose immune systems are weak.

That is, a strong immune defense against this virus-coded Code 19 can help reduce its effect.

But now scientists have revealed that millions of people worldwide, billions of people make a mistake in their diet, which not only blood pressure but also weakens the immune system.

And that is, salt intake in food.

This was revealed in a medical study in Germany.

During a study by Bone University Hospital, mice were found to be more prone to bacterial infections when used on high-salt diets.

Similarly, the researchers found that people who eat 6 grams of excess daily, also have immune deficiencies.

According to research published in the journal Science Science Transitional Medicine, the World Health Organization has fixed the salt intake for 5 grams a day, which is equivalent to one teaspoon.

But most people produce high amounts of salt on a daily basis, which increases the blood pressure rate and increases the risk of heart attack or stroke.

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But researchers say that for the first time, we have been able to prove that excessive salt intake can significantly weaken the immune system.

He said that the body deposits salt in the blood and organs so that vital biological processes remain, while the skin is used for salt storage.

Sodium chloride has adverse effects on the human immune system, and researchers discovered that consuming just 11 grams of salt or 2 times a day fast enough to weaken the immune cells.

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Likewise, excess salt also increases glucocorticoid levels, which are hormones that suppress edema and are present in the immune system.

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