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Islamabad Highcourt court Rejects Petition Against game PUBG Ban

Islamabad highcourt court has disposed of a petition against PUBG Mobile’s ban because it ordered the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) to issue a lawful written order on why the sport was banned within the country.

PTA had temporarily suspended the battle royale game on 1st July citing concerns from parents and complaints from various segments of the society. during a handout , the regulatory agency said that “the game is addictive, wastage of your time and poses a significant negative impact on the physical and psychological health of the children”.

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Earlier, an area PUBG player had moved the Islamabad highcourt court on 4th July, asking the court to dismiss PTA’s decision of the ban. The petitioner claimed that PUBG was a source of earning for him and lots of others as he had won an area gaming tournament and was set to represent Pakistan in PUBG World League on 10th July.

He also said that electronic gaming or e-gaming is one among the fastest-growing industries within the world, therefore, the ban doesn’t make any sense.

IHC heard the case on Monday, asking the PTA counsel on why the sport was suspended. He said that the Punjab Police had written a letter to PTA mentioning the rising number of suicide cases thanks to the sport . He also told that the regulator had received numerous complaints from parents posing for a ban.

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IHC single-bench headed by Justice Aamer Farooq noted that PTA must mention the laws under which the choice was taken. PTA, in response, said that it’ll issue its order after hearing the petitioner.

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