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Is it possible to reverse premature hair whitening?

It is believed that there is a link between gray hair and stress and now medical science has discovered evidence to support this idea. This was revealed in a medical study conducted in the United States.

Research from Columbia University and the Miller School of Medicine at the University of Miami has found that stress changes the natural color of hair and turns it white.

Until now, however, it was thought that it was not possible to eliminate gray hair due to stress, but scientists have now discovered that it is possible to reverse it and restore natural color.

The study looked at the role of melanin and specific proteins that give hair a natural color.

For this purpose, the hair of 14 volunteers was taken and hundreds of samples were analyzed using a new imaging technique to see the color level in different parts of the hair.

The researchers found that most of the hair ends were white, not roots.

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As you may know, hair grows from the roots and the results of research indicate that if the hair turns white as a result of a stressful event, its natural color can be restored.

To further test this, 14 volunteers were hired and some questions were asked, and since hair grows at a certain rate, scientists were able to estimate how long a person’s gray hair would regain its natural color. Will adopt

The volunteers were asked if they had experienced any stress when their hair turned white, and they also discovered a person whose hair had lost its original color.

The scientists said that the results indicate that stress can certainly whiten hair, but it is also possible to control the stress and restore the original color of hair.

But he said that this is possible only when the hair has turned white as a result of stress and it can be overcome very soon.

A study earlier this year also confirmed that stress can whiten people’s hair at a young age.

Scientists have discovered a biological cause that explains why stress eventually causes dark hair to lose its color.

The study, published in the journal Journal, found that the process begins with the sympathetic nervous system, which helps with important bodily functions such as heartbeat, respiration, digestion of food and fight germs.

This nervous system is also linked to stress reactions and so it is not surprising that it plays a role in whitening hair.

However, under stress, this nervous system is activated only when other bodily systems slow down or fail, that is, as one of the last weapons of the body, and in extreme emergencies the body activates it.

That’s why the researchers first focused on it, believing that if the strain whitens the hair, it could be due to the immune system, which can remove cells that color the hair follicles. The makers invade the cells or secrete hormones such as cortisol into the adrenal glands, also known as stress hormones.

But scientists have discovered that this is not the case.

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They injected a compound into rats that increased levels of the hormone that causes stress, and they discovered that the hair of mice devoid of immune cells and adrenal glands also turned white prematurely.

Scientists then turned their attention to the sympathetic nervous system and discovered that it damages cells that help maintain hair color.

“We were really surprised to find out, because we were the last to understand the sympathetic nervous system in the causes of pre-graying hair, we knew it was triggered by tension, but We thought it was an emergency system, and reversible after the problem was solved, but we discovered that the result was permanent damage to the cell population.

In fact, in the study, scientists were surprised to learn that this nervous system, even in the case of normal mental stress, activates the chemical norepinephrine, which causes muscle strain.

The reaction of this chemical affects the cells in the hair follicles which help in the growth of new hair and gradually the hair color starts drying and the cells stop making new color, after which the hair color turns white. Begins to happen.

Researchers hope that the results of the study could lead to a mechanism in the near future to protect these hair cells or to control the response of the nervous system, but there is currently no cure that can do this.

However, an easy solution may be to control stress for which you can seek help from a doctor or even a few lifestyle changes.

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