Iran: 300 killed to drink poisonous chemicals to escape Corona

Dozens of people in Corona-affected countries drank poisonous chemicals in factories to help prevent Corona, killing at least 300 people and leaving more than a thousand in critical condition. ۔

Fear has spread because of the rapid spread of the Corona virus in Iran, and there is a partial lockdown, while public places, including religious places of worship, have been closed.

Earlier this month, at least 27 people were killed after drinking poisonous liquor rumors that they had been prevented from drinking the toxic chemicals to prevent the Corona virus.

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After the false news and jokes about the Corona virus prevention on Iran’s social media, many people are not even reluctant to eat and drink poisonous things, believing they are making things worse.

The news agency Associated Press (AP) cited Iranian media in its report, saying that drinking poisonous chemicals killed at least 300 people by March 27 while close to 1,000 people were in critical condition in hospitals. has been transferred.

Iran is dealing with the treatment of toxic chemicals, including Corona, Health Department – Photo: Reuters
The report said that while dozens of people have succumbed to death by drinking poisonous chemicals, many people who drank chemicals have survived to die, but they have had many other problems, one of which is blindness.

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According to the report, a 5-year-old child who consumes poisonous chemicals has survived, however, his vision has expired and he is under serious treatment.

The news agency quoted a doctor working with the Iranian Ministry of Health in the report, saying that although the current death toll from toxic chemicals has risen to 300, the death toll from poisonous chemicals has risen to 480 in the country. Has reached and the number of people who are ill has reached 2500.

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However, the doctor did not specify whether 480 people killed by toxic chemicals were included in the Corona virus.

The Corona virus in Iran also killed more than 2200 people by the evening of March 27, but officials did not disclose that Corona killings caused chemicals and alcoholism earlier this month. Including people or not.

Talking about those who used toxic chemicals to avoid corona in Iran, citing toxic chemicals, Health Ministry spokesman Dr Hussein Hassanin said that Iranian authorities should not only deal with a global outbreak like Corona. Challenges are in place, but they are also working to save the lives of people who drink toxic chemicals over rumors.

He said the government is also treating corona virus patients, including coronary virus patients, and the department is under considerable pressure at present.

It is also worth mentioning here that although Corona virus is more common in Iran than other Islamic and neighboring countries of Iran, there has been a decrease in Corona patients for the past one week, and currently Iran Corona affected people. In the seventh.

Until the beginning of last week, Iran was third in terms of the Corona virus, followed by Italy and Spain, but since last week, where Corona cases from Iran have come out less, Iran Corona has received more cases in Germany, France and the United States. In the case of the patients.

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By the evening of March 27 in Iran, the total number of Corona patients had risen to more than 29,000, while the death toll there had grown to more than 2200.

Similarly, by the evening of March 27, the number of Corona patients had increased to more than 5,377,000, while the death toll had risen to 24,110.

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