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Introduces video chat with 32 people in Google Doo

In March, Google increased the number of people in a group video call for its app duo from 8 to 12, with the aim of facilitating users during the Code 19 epidemic.

In May, Google announced that Doo users would be able to make Doo group calls on the web as well, and thus compete directly with Skype, Messenger, etc.

And now Google’s video chat app has introduced a feature to add up to 32 people to group video calling on a web browser.

This update introduces a newer version of Google Chrome.

This is the second time this year that the number of people making video calls has been increased, as noted above, the number of people making video calls was increased from 8 to 12 in March.

In contrast, WhatsApp can only add a maximum of 8 people to a video call, while Skype can talk to up to 50 people on a video call.

In April, Google further improved call quality in Dow.

For this purpose, the company used a new video codec technology called AV1, which is the successor to VP9.

Compared to the VP9, ​​the standard video call will be possible with less internet bandwidth than the AV1, while the codec will also help in video call stability.

Google said at the time that the Corona virus epidemic had led to a significant increase in Dow’s usage, with video messages increasing by 800 percent.

According to the company, this is the reason why it is changing its policy regarding video messages which can be recorded and sent and will be saved automatically instead of expiring after 24 hours.

Technology companies have been focusing on improving video calling since the Corona virus outbreak.

Although Zoom received the most attention, it also faced privacy issues.

On the other hand, Facebook has introduced the feature of video calling of 50 people simultaneously in the form of messenger rooms, which has also been made a part of Instagram, while this feature will also be provided in WhatsApp soon.

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