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Introduces app spying alert feature in Apple devices

Apple will introduce its new operating system iOS 14 for the iPhone in the fourth quarter of this year, adding a number of new features to protect users’ data.

One of the new features of iOS 14 and iPad OS 14 is to alert users when an app tries to access the clipboard, to let people know what apps are accessing their data. Can access.

According to a report by Apple Insiders, the decision to introduce this feature may have been made after it was revealed in March this year that a number of apps, including TikTak, have access to iOS clipboard data.

As noted above, this feature was designed following a report released in March, which TickTalk claimed in a statement that it was a spam-reducing feature that the app’s The update will be removed from the version it is about to submit to the App Store for approval.

TickTalk was the most popular app in the March report, but a total of 54 apps are still accessing Apple user data from the clipboard.

These include several well-known names such as social media apps Weibo and Zosk, news apps NPR and Fox News, games like Fruit Ninja and 3 different versions of BG Weld, as well as Echo Weather and

There were 56 of these apps, of which only 2 10% Hyper: Mediation and Hotel Tonight have lost access to data, while Tik Tak promised action at the time, but nothing has changed yet.

The main purpose of the clipboard is to provide users with apps with data they know, but it has never been used literally.

Apps have the ability to pull data into a clipboard, meaning they have the potential to spy on the user.

With the addition of the Universal Clipboard to Apple’s system, the risk of data collection from such apps also increased.

“It’s very, very dangerous, these apps read clipboards and for no reason at all, an app that doesn’t have a text field,” said Mysk, an Internet security company. Otherwise, there is no justification for reading his clipboard text.

According to the company, due to the work of researchers, the clipboard notification feature was introduced in iOS 14.

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