Indonesia claims to cure corona with ‘eucalyptus necklace

While other countries around the world are desperately trying to find a cure for the deadly corona virus, the claim of the Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture has taken everyone by surprise.

The Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture has claimed to have introduced eucalyptus necklaces made by its subsidiary as a solution to the corona virus.

According to Odyssey Central, the so-called ‘anti-virus necklace’ has been developed by Balibangtan, the health research and development agency of the Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture, which will be mass-produced from next month.

Indonesian Agriculture Minister Yahrol Yassin Limpo said the necklace was made from a type of eucalyptus that has the ability to kill the corona virus.

He claimed that wearing this necklace for only 15 minutes eliminates 42% of the virus while wearing it for 30 minutes doubles its effectiveness.

“Out of 700 species of eucalyptus, our lab tests show that only one type can eradicate the corona virus, and we are confident,” he said.

“I could understand if a politician was exaggerating this miraculous thing, but not only Yahrol Yassin is praising the eucalyptus necklace, but it has been tested on corona patients,” the Balibangtan chief said. For which the desired results have come to light.

“We tested the necklace on 20 employees of the agriculture ministry affected by Corona and asked them to sniff it, after which their condition improved and they gave a positive feedback,” he said.

However, Indonesian scientists have expressed doubts about the effectiveness of eucalyptus.

“We know that the world has not yet found a cure for the disease, so I think it is wise to make more claims in a troubled society,” Hirati Sudavio, deputy director of the Ajman Institute of Molecular Biology, told the Jakarta Post. Don’t spread it. ‘

“People can easily believe that they can be protected from the virus with this unscientific necklace,” said Barry Juliandy, a biology lecturer at Bogor Agricultural University

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