Indian singer Kanika Kapoor recovers from Corona virus

Indian singer Kanika Kapoor was diagnosed with the Corona virus last month after she was admitted to Lucknow Hospital for treatment, after which she again underwent corona test, which yielded negative results.

According to Indian media reports, the singer was sent home from hospital after receiving negative results from Kanika Kapoor’s Corona test.

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The report added that doctors had said that Kanika could only go back home if she had Corona re-done and that the test came back negative and her health was even better.

In this regard, the singer was tested twice in the hospital, the first test came out negative on Saturday, after which she was re-tested and fortunately her results were negative.

According to reports, Kanika has done Corona test six times so far, four of them came out positive and now two have come out negative.

Corona was diagnosed with Kanika Kapoor last month when she returned from the UK to Mumbai.

The actress has also been accused of keeping a travel history secret, and has faced severe criticism for being part of several events before Corona’s assessment.

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Later, three FIRs were also lodged against the singer in which he was accused of keeping the travel history secret as well as negligence.

Remember that Kanika Kapoor herself announced via a post on Instagram that she was diagnosed with Corona virus while some details were shared with the fans.

However, due to criticism, Kanika Kapoor deleted the post from her social media accounts a few days later.

Kanika Kapoor is one of Bollywood’s most successful singers. She has sung popular songs like ‘Baby Doll’, ‘Birthday’, ‘Amber Saria’ and ‘Beat Pea Boti’.

It should be remembered that on December 31 last year, Chinese authorities informed the World Health Organization of the Novel Corona virus epidemic, which was named Sarz Cove 2 on February 20, 2020, and the disease caused by it was named Cod19.

The outbreak broke out in Wuhan, China, after which it engulfed the world while watching

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