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India has become the world’s fourth-largest infected country with the rapid spread of the corona virus

The number of cases of corona virus in India increased by 10,965 in one day, after which it came fourth in the world, surpassing the United Kingdom.

According to a report by foreign news agency AP, Director General of the Indian Council of Medical Research, Balaram Bhargava, said that India, a country with a population of over 1.3 billion, had seen less virus transmission during the two-month lockdown. However, the public is still at risk and the campaign against the virus could last for months.

The nationwide lockdown in India was implemented at the end of March, but has since been relaxed and is now being rolled out in more affected areas.

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Cases are on the rise after India allowed shops, shopping malls, factories and religious places to reopen.

However, subways, schools, colleges and cinemas across the country are still closed.

According to the Indian Ministry of Health, after the increase in the number of such cases, the total number of cases in India has risen to 297,535, while 8,498 people have died due to the virus so far.

The death toll in India has risen to 396 in the last 24 hours, he said.

India’s number of confirmed cases is now second only to the United States, Brazil and Russia.

Mumbai, New Delhi and Chennai are the most affected cities in the country.

Balaram Bhargava said that there is a high risk of contracting the corona virus in cities but the infection has also increased in rural areas.

“Many unemployed people have returned to their hometowns from the cities, raising the risk of the virus spreading to rural areas as well,” he said.

The deadly corona virus, which began in December last year in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China, has swept the world.

Over a period of about 6 months, the corona virus not only infected and killed people, but also severely affected the world economy as various countries imposed sanctions and lockdowns to stop the spread of the virus. Done

If you look at the Corona virus figures, as of the evening of June 17, about 8.2 million people have been infected worldwide, while more than 444,000 people have died.

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