India claims to have caught ‘another Pakistani spy pigeon’ in occupied Kashmir

Indian border guards have claimed to have captured another ‘Pakistani spy pigeon’ which was handed over to police in occupied Kashmir.

The Indian broadcaster NDTV reported that the pigeon had a clear pink mark on it and a tag on one leg, which has been kept at the police station as a “suspected Pakistani spy”.

The report claims that the pigeon is suspected of being an “espionage attempt by Pakistan” and that an investigation has been launched into the matter.

The report said police records showed that the pigeon flew to the house of a woman, Geeta Devi, in the Chadwal area, who caught her and handed her over to the Border Security Force.

The pigeon was later handed over to police for further investigation.

Police said, quoting the woman’s statement, that one of the pigeon’s legs had a color on it with some numbers on it.

Remember that this is not the first time that India has accused a pigeon of being a spy for Pakistan.

In 2015, a pigeon was caught by the Indian Army in the Pathankot area on the Pak-India border, which was declared a Pakistani spy.

According to the police, the slip on the pigeon had written in Urdu, “Modi, we are no longer the people of 1971, now every child is ready to fight India.”

An official was later quoted as saying that police “cut off the feathers of the suspected pigeon so that he could not return to Pakistan”.

Also in 2017, after several hours of hard work, the Indian police caught a pigeon with the tag ‘5547 Janbaz Khan’ and a phone number.

However, due to the negligence of the police, the spy pigeon, which had ‘infiltrated’ India from the opposite side of the border, managed to fly.

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