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In the days of Corona, the ‘Don’t Rush’ challenge was popular after ‘Onana’

Nearly half of the world’s population, which is confined to homes due to the corona virus epidemic, is struggling to make ends meet.

And that’s why there are so many trends and challenges on social media, some of the challenges are old, but they are re-emerging because of the epidemic in people’s homes.

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Just a few days ago, the ‘Onana Challenge’, which came out three years ago, became popular in the world once again in the days of Corona and now this challenge was also accepted by Pakistani showbiz personalities.

‘Onana Challenge’ was released in 2017 after a Portuguese song became popular.

In this challenge, two people stand in front of each other and dance without touching each other, their feet touching each other gently.

This challenge is considered successful only when the two dancers hit each other’s feet in different ways without touching each other while maintaining their balance.

And a few days ago, Pakistani actresses Arusha Qureshi and Mahesh Hayat also released videos accepting such a challenge.

Mahesh Hayat shared a dance video with his brother on social media under ‘Onana Challenge’ which went viral.

Similarly, the old challenge ‘Don’t Rush’ is gaining popularity again and this time Pakistani women cricketers made a video on it accepting this challenge.

The ‘Don’t Rush’ challenge also came to the fore in late 2019 when Young Tea & Buggy released the song ‘Don’t Rush’.

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After the song became very popular, the ‘Don’t Rush’ challenge of the same name started on social media from the United States and under this challenge, many people have to show the activities that the person who started the video has started and Then all these activities are included in one video.

Pakistani women cricketers also performed individually under the same challenge and later they were included in the same video.

Pakistani cricketer Kainat Imtiaz shared a video of ‘Don’t Rush Challenge’ in which other cricketers of the national team also appeared with him.

The video shared by Kainat Imtiaz on ‘Don’t Rush Challenge’ also features Amima Sohail, Mahim Tariq, Syeda Nain Abidi, Sedrah Nawaz, Ayesha Zafar, Muneeb Ali, Ayman Anwar, Iram Javed and Sedrah Amin.

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All the cricketers started their activities by adopting the ‘Don’t Rush Challenge’, where the first cricketer ended his activities and then later released the activities of all the cricketers in the form of a video.

The video of the national cricketers ‘Donut Rush Challenge’ is being appreciated

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