In response to the C-Pack, the United States should focus on stability in the region, report

WASHINGTON: The United States needs to focus on regional stability, especially in the face of deep animosity between India and Pakistan, as it prepares its response to the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPC), a new US report says.

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According to the report – “How the United States should deal with China in Pakistan”, also asked Washington to respond to the C-Pack in the long-term geographical situation in the face of increasing Chinese intervention in the region. Also keep an eye on political challenges.

“The C-Pack cannot fail, it is politically and diplomatically impossible,” said Daniel Markey, who co-authored the report.

He said that China is an important partner and lifeline of Pakistan while C-Pac is a test case for China to export both China’s development model and an important project.

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Reviewing China’s influence in Pakistan, Daniel Markey, a Chinese expert at the Carnegie Tsinghua Center for Global Policy in Washington, highlighted the need to address growing tensions between India and Pakistan.

“Over the past year, India and Pakistan have once again reached the brink of war. This winter, another military crisis may erupt between India and Pakistan,” he warned.

He urged the Trump administration to appreciate Beijing’s role as a potential diplomatic partner in preventing India and Pakistan from going to war.

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He added that “if tensions in Sino-US relations prevent cooperation between the two countries in the South Asian crisis, all parties will be defeated.”

Daniel Markey pointed out that at the moment Washington sees Indian military strikes against Pakistan as a “justifiable response” while Beijing has a responsibility to “respond with full force” to Pakistan’s aggression against its larger neighbor. Emphasizes

“This is unfortunately dangerous. Both the United States and China will have to reschedule future diplomatic engagements from New Delhi and Islamabad,” he said.

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He said that while tensions between India and Pakistan should be the “first and foremost concern” for US policymakers, they should also consider China’s influence on plans for a full withdrawal from Afghanistan

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