In China, the actual number of corona viruses patient is four times higher than reported

Chinese officials, after reviewing the death toll from the corona virus on April 17 last week, revealed that the actual number of deaths from corona in China was 5,512, not 3,869. ۔

Chinese officials explained that a review of the figures revealed that authorities had not included the 1,290 deaths in the data.

Chinese officials added 1290 bodies to the April 17 death toll from Corona, confirming that the total and actual deaths from Corona in China were 5,512.

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However, Chinese officials did not indicate any increase in the number of Corona patients, despite a review of the figures.

But now experts in the Chinese state of Hong Kong have revealed that the actual number of coronavirus patients in China is four times higher than the number reported by the authorities.

An article by experts from the Hong Kong School of Public Health, published in the medical journal The Lancet, states that the number of corona patients in China is likely to reach two million thirty two thousand, not 55,000, by February 20, 2020.

The experts said in the article that they reviewed the data verified by the Chinese authorities and the World Health Organization (WHO) and the types and cases of corona virus reported by the authorities.

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Experts say that a closer look at the data compiled by the Chinese authorities regarding Corona and the seven types of corona coined by them reveals that when passing through each term patients Increased with

The experts did not elaborate on the terms corona in their article, but said that the data indicated that all the terms cited by the experts had increased and that if each term was added together, the actual number of corona patients in China would increase. 4 times more than the number reported by

Using some formulas in their article, the experts estimated that a review of the data showed that as of February 20, 2020, the number of confirmed cases of corona in China was well over 55,000.

Experts said the data showed that the actual number of patients in China would reach 232,000 by February 20, but the Chinese government confirmed 55,000 patients.

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As of February 20, China had confirmed 55,500 patients, but by the beginning of March, the number of people infected with corona had risen to more than 80,000, while in China, as of the afternoon of April 23, corona patients had been confirmed. The number had reached close to 84,000.

As of the evening of April 23, the death toll from Corona in China had risen to 4,636.

In recent days, leaders of other countries, including the US government, have expressed concern that China is not providing authoritative data on coronavirus patients and deaths, but China has not explicitly responded to such criticism.

The Chinese government has not yet commented on the latest report from Hong Kong experts.

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While the severity of the corona virus in China has dropped significantly, its spread around the world has continued, with the number of people infected with the corona worldwide reaching 2.65 million by the evening of April 23. The death toll had risen to 185,000.

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