Improper measures to prevent corona are becoming a human rights crisis, the United Nations

The United Nations (UN) has warned that an epidemic like the corona virus could lead to a global human rights crisis.

UN chief Antonio Guterres has expressed concern over the steps taken by governments and officials to prevent the spread of the corona virus in several countries, warning the world that the corona crisis could become a crisis of human rights abuses.

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According to Reuters news agency, Antonio Guterres in his video message on April 23 pointed to the ridicule of vulnerable people during the corona virus measures taken in many countries of the world and said that such measures lead to epidemic crisis. It is going to be the worst human rights crisis.

“There have been complaints of discrimination against people in the services and facilities provided by many countries around the world, and this suggests that the epidemic is the worst humanitarian crisis in the world,” he said. I’m changing.

In a video of less than a minute and a half, Antonio Guterres said that the corona virus epidemic first became a public health crisis, then an economic crisis and then a humanitarian crisis.

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The UN chief said the steps taken by governments in these days of the epidemic were sending a clear message to the world that the importance of the people and their rights should be given top priority in this hour of need. And they should not be discriminated against.

“The plague has engulfed the whole world and everyone is affected and it is happening, but the only way to avoid this epidemic is to take care of human rights and protect each other,” he said in a statement. Get out of this difficult time by cooperating with

In his video message, the UN chief also shared a link to a report on human rights abuses in the days of the epidemic, which said that 131 countries around the world had closed their borders due to the epidemic. Refugees face problems

The same report states that some countries have received complaints of racism, dictatorship, discrimination, gender segregation, racial discrimination and targeting of the weak, and such attitudes by governments and officials have made the Corona epidemic the worst humanitarian crisis. It could turn into a rights crisis.

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However, the report does not mention any country where people are being discriminated against or deprived of services on the basis of racial, gender and religious discrimination.

The report advises governments of all countries to make the measures taken to prevent corona in the days of the epidemic more transparent and to protect the personal freedom of any individual, including the use of force against the weak.

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In its report, the United Nations warned the world to refrain from discriminating against human beings in the days of the epidemic, so that the epidemic does not become a human rights crisis.

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