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If the virus spreads in Ramadan, masjids will have to be closed, PM

Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that they cannot prevent people from going to mosques but if the Corona virus spreads during Ramadan, mosques will have to be closed.

Talking to the media about the Corona virus, the Prime Minister said that in countries where five to five hundred people are dying daily and more than 2,000 people are dying daily in the United States, there is now a softening of the lockdown.

He said that there was a debate in these countries that lockdown was done to protect the people from Corona on the one hand and on the other hand the influence of the lockdown on the society was taking place. There has been a lot of relaxation in the lockdown so people can be saved from Corona.

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The Prime Minister said that in countries where 500, 600 people are dying every day, they have decided to ease the lockdown, have opened many things, made it easy so that people can get out.

He said that unfortunately 192 people have died in our country but compare it to the US where 40,000 people have died due to Corona while Italy has also killed 20,000 people in Spain.

He said that the reason why these countries are thinking of easing the lockdown and the reason is that in any society, the lockdown cannot go on indefinitely because nobody knows how to control it. How long will it take to get

He says that at the moment, no one knows what will happen after a month or two and they do not know that even if these cases are reduced today, they are likely to rise again after a month. That is why all the nations of the world are thinking about running the country by locking down and saving the people.

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The Prime Minister also defended the decision not to close mosques, saying that we are an independent nation. I was very disturbed to see this when police were stabbing lockers for violating lockdown.

He said that Ramadan is a time of worship. If our nation wants to go to mosques, should we force these people not to go to mosques and will the police imprison those who go to mosques? This is not the case in an independent society; people decide for themselves what is good and what is not.

He said that the battle of Corona is being fought all over the country; it can happen to anyone, rich or poor, so it is imperative that people themselves take part in the war and then it will be won.

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He said that we had met and consulted with the Ulema, President Arif Alawi sat down with the Ulema and agreed on 20 points which would only allow people to go to mosques.

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