If allegations of match-fixing are proved, he should be hanged, Basit Ali

Former national team cricketer Basit Ali has denied allegations of match-fixing by former Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chief Arif Abbasi, saying he should be hanged if convicted.

In a video interview, Arif Abbasi supported Saleem Malik and accused former cricketer Basit Ali of match-fixing.

He said that after his visit to Sri Lanka in 1994, the then manager Intikhab Alam said that Basit Ali admitted the fixing and said that he was involved with the Buckeyes and apologized and said that he would not do it again.

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“As the head of the board, I asked Intikhab Alam to mention the incident mentioned in the report of the visit, but Intikhab Alam did not mention the incident which angered him,” he said.

Basit Ali termed the statement of the former head of the board as fabricated and said that he was ready to be hanged if the allegations were proved against him.

The former batsman said that if anyone proves that he had confessed to fixing, he should be hanged and if anyone proves it in any court of the world, he should be ready for punishment.

On this occasion, he also announced to go to court and take legal action against this statement of Arif Abbasi.

Basit Ali claimed that Intikhab Alam had called him and said that the statements being attached to him in the media had nothing to do with it.

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However, contrary to Basit Ali’s claim, Intikhab Alam confirmed Arif Abbasi’s statement and said that he had spoken to Arif Abbasi about Basit Ali’s confession but due to lack of concrete evidence, he mentioned it in his report. I didn’t think it was appropriate to do so.

It is to be noted that in recent days, the Pandora’s box of match-fixing has been reopened where Umar Akmal has been banned for three years, while Saleem Malik, who was banned for life in the past for match-fixing, has returned to cricket. Are weighing

Former Pakistan cricket captain Saleem Malik had claimed that he had not committed any fixing in the past while the court had also acquitted him and if justice was not done, he would go to Prime Minister Imran Khan.

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The whole situation escalated when a few days ago, former Pakistan Cricket Board chairman Khalid Mehmood made shocking revelations that former national team captain Wasim Akram had offered direct match-fixing to fast bowler Attaur Rehman. ۔

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