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I don’t want to get married yet, I will do it when it needed, Ayesha Umar

Leading actress Ayesha Umar has said that she has not been asked for marriage yet and she will definitely get married when she needs it.

Talking to Tabish Hashmi, the host of Pear Prime Video’s talk show (To Be Honest), Ayesha umar jokingly said in response to a question about marriage that it is only the thinking of our society that marriage improves life but In fact, marriage ends life.

Ayesha umar said that she has no problem going to wedding ceremonies, whenever someone invites her, she will definitely go and when she needs, she will also get married and invite everyone but at that time she Not required

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Talking further on the same issue, the actress said that she does not know when their marriage will take place and only God knows best in this regard but at present she has no such intention.

People misunderstand feminism, actress; photo: Instagram
People misunderstand feminism, actress; photo: Instagram

According to the actress, people actually get married because they want children and they have to support the family, but since they are still children, they have no such intention.

The actress also spoke about her career and the controversy surrounding her during the interview, saying that personal photos of her and actress Maria Wasti were leaked from Maria Wasti’s laptop during a recent visit to Thailand. And all of this was done by Maria’s former employees to get revenge on her.

Talking about sexual harassment in the Pakistani showbiz industry, she said that she did not yet consider herself brave enough to name those who had ever treated her inappropriately.

Ayesha Omar called Mesha Shafi a brave woman and said that there are many people in the Pakistani showbiz industry like actor Alok Nath of Indian industry and there is no doubt that women are also harassed in the showbiz industry.

He also spoke about the difference in the salaries of male and female employees in the country and said that women are paid less than men, however, in the showbiz industry, sometimes women are paid more than male actors.

Ayesha Omar also spoke on feminism during the interview and said that it is misunderstood that feminism means hatred of women by men. She explained that feminism means equality between men and women.

In response to a question, she said that she seeks advice from her brother and mother on every issue including career.

During the interview, Ayesha Omar revealed that during an accident, her (call bone) was broken, which is still broken, due to which there is a difference in the size of both her hands and They also have to go through hardships.

I consult my brother and mother on every issue of life, actress — Photo: Instagram
I consult my brother and mother on every issue of life, actress — Photo: Instagram

The host of the program asked Ayesha Omar who she would choose to marry if by chance all the men in the world were not left due to some calamity and there were only a few men out of whom she had to marry.

The host named Ayesha Omar as Syed Qaim Ali Shah, Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain, Rana Sanaullah and Sheikh Rashid as options.

In response, the actress said that she will marry Sheikh Rashid because she has a good personality, is artistic, is entertaining

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