I am suffered with corona but now I’m healthy, Madonna

American pop singer, actress and writer Madonna, 61, has revealed that she too had contracted the corona virus, but is now healthy.

Even before Madonna, several showbiz personalities had contracted the corona virus and many of them have now recovered.

On March 10 this year, Madonna canceled her music concert in Paris, the capital of the European country, due to the spread of the corona virus.

Although Madonna canceled a music concert in March, she performed at a concert in Paris in February and was in Paris with her team of artists.

Corona’s health deteriorated during her stay in Paris in March, and she has now revealed that she contracted Corona in March, at which point she also felt that she had not contracted Corona, but had a severe cold and flu. Is.

Madonna said in her Instagram post that she had contracted corona before mid-March and that seven weeks had passed but she was now healthy.

Madonna was in Paris from February to mid-March; file photo: AFP

The actress said that other people besides her had also fallen ill and we all thought that we had a seasonal cold and flu.

Madonna said in an Instagram post on May 6 that she is now perfectly healthy and urges her fans not to speculate about rumors of an epidemic like Corona and not to believe the rumors.

AFP news agency also quoted the same post of Madonna as saying that although the famous singer had not tested Corona, she had tested for antibodies which came back positive.

The actress and singer said that a positive test for antibodies means that the person has been a victim of corona before.

AFP reports that there is controversy among experts over whether the antibody test is positive, and some experts believe that there is no credible evidence that a person who tested positive for antibodies Corona has been a victim.

Similarly, many experts believe that laboratories make false claims about the positive results of antibody tests, but it cannot be said with certainty that a person who tests positive for antibodies is a corona. Must have been hunting

Madonna has also provided funds for vaccine development — File photo: Shutterstock

Madonna’s claim to be a victim of corona comes at a time when she recently donated more than لاکھ 1 million to global funds for the development and research of the corona vaccine.

Madonna announced funding for Corona’s research and vaccine development at an international conference hosted by the European Union on May 4.

At the conference, governments of several countries, including several world leaders, celebrities and philanthropists, also announced funding and a total of  8.1 billion for vaccine research and development. Was

Coronavirus vaccines are not currently available in the world, but more than 100 companies around the world are developing vaccines and at least 4 vaccines are being tested on humans.

Corona patients are currently being treated in a variety of ways and lockdowns are in place around the world to prevent the spread of the epidemic. However, Corona continues to spread and patients around the world will be treated until the afternoon of May 7. The death toll had risen to more than 37.68 million, while the death toll had risen to more than 264,000.

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