Hot weather shortens the life of corona virus on the surface of objects, research says

The new Corona virus epidemic began to spread during the cold season, and some quarters, including US President Donald Trump, feared that the disease would disappear as the temperature warmed, like the flu or the common cold.

But this did not happen. In Pakistan, the number of cases has increased rapidly in the hot months of May and June.

But hot weather can have an effect on the virus and that is its short life on the surface.

This was revealed in a new medical study.

As you may know, SARS CoV2 (the official name for the virus that causes code 19) is spread by tiny particles that come out of an infected person’s nose or mouth through sneezing and coughing, but Can also be transmitted to healthy people.

A single cough from an infected person can expel about 3,000 particles that fall on the surface of nearby objects and clothes, and very small particles dissolve in the air.

Similarly, if a patient with code 19 touches the knob of the door after stopping coughing or sneezing on his hands, he increases the danger to others.

In recent months, it has been discovered that patients also excrete the virus from their feces, meaning that anything they touch will become contaminated with the virus if they do not wash their hands properly after going to the toilet.

It is now clear that hot weather cannot stop it from spreading, but it does not allow the virus to survive on the surface of objects for much longer.

The study, published in the journal Physics of Floyds, looked at the timing of virus failure on the surface of various objects.

The research was conducted in 6 cities around the world and tried to understand which areas are most at risk from different weather conditions.

The researchers said that they were working to understand the process of drying out the particles released from the respiratory system because code 19 is spread by these particles.

The particles emitted from the mouth / nose can be as wide as a human hair, he said.

He explained that these items also include those that are more commonly used, such as door handles or touch screens.

The study looked at data from New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, Sydney and Singapore, where they compared the rate of code 19 keys to the time when the particles in the mouth dried.

The researchers found that in cities where the number of cases increased rapidly, the drying time of the particles was longer.

“We were somewhat surprised to see that there seems to be a link between the weather outside and the increase in the rate of Cod 19 cases, which could lead to a faster spread of the disease in a particular city or The shortcomings can be explained.

Research has shown that in humid or humid environments, the life of viruses on the surface of various objects is five times longer than in dry climates, while higher temperatures kill the virus more quickly.

The researchers said that when we compared the drying time of particles in Singapore and New York, the time in Singapore was less than in the US city, although the humidity there (70 to 80 percent) was higher than in New York (50 to 60 percent). Was

The study also suggested that suitable moisture levels, such as smartphone screens, cotton and wood, should be cleaned more often than glass and steel surfaces.

The researchers said that these findings suggest that more precautions will be taken with regard to Code 19 in humid and hot weather.

He said more moisture during the monsoon would help particles and viruses stay indoors longer, with data from Singapore showing a slight increase in the number of daily cases at the end of May, which The reason was the arrival of the monsoon.

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