High blood pressure dangerous for patients with corona virus

High blood pressure doubles the risk of dying from corona virus. This was discovered in a medical study in China.

A study published in the European Heart Journal found that patients with coronavirus in China who had high blood pressure had twice the risk of death.

The Xi Jiang Hospital study analyzed the records of 2,877 coronavirus patients in Wuhan who were being treated between February 5 and March 15.

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About 30% of these patients had a history of high blood pressure or hypertension.

The study found that 4% of patients with high blood pressure died, compared to 1% of other patients with high blood pressure.

Considering various factors such as age and other diseases, it was discovered that people with high blood pressure have twice the risk of dying from corona virus compared to other patients.

Researchers say that if a person with high blood pressure is diagnosed with the corona virus, it is important for them to realize that they are at greater risk and should take extra precautions to protect themselves during the epidemic.

The study also found that coronavirus patients who did not use the drug had an 8% mortality rate, compared with 3% of those who used the drug regularly. Gone

Research has shown that people should continue to use their blood pressure medication and stop only when told to do so by a physician.

The results of the study are significant because earlier scientists were concerned that blood pressure medications could worsen the condition of COD 19 patients.

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The researchers said that they were surprised by the results, which did not support our initial view, but were completely contradictory and in favor of medication, which is why we believe that medical evidence-based practice is most needed at this time.

Scientists have been saying for months that coronavirus patients who are already suffering from a disease are at higher risk.

People who already have a disease, such as diabetes, high blood pressure or others, have a weakened immune system that makes the body more vulnerable to the virus’s response.

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