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Hassan Ali’s risk of back surgery was averted

Hassan Ali, the young fast bowler of the national team suffering from back injury, has managed to avoid surgery but will have to undergo a five-week rehabilitation process before starting training.

Hassan Ali lost his central contract with the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) last month but will now bear all his medical expenses until he recovers.

Not only that, but despite being a young cricketer, Hassan Ali will also get extra help from the PCB’s welfare fund for retired players.

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Due to improper training, Hassan Ali suffered a back injury and according to experts, Hassan needed surgery to recover, but for now the risk of surgery has been averted.

Due to lockdowns and travel restrictions, the board conducted an online consultation on Hassan Ali’s injury, in which a two-man panel underwent fast bowler rehabilitation.

A panel comprising neurosurgeon Asif Bashir and Australian spinal therapist Peter O’Sullivan said the operation was not needed at the moment and that Hassan Ali’s recovery would continue for the next five weeks, after which a decision would be made after a scan.

Dr. Sohail Saleem, Director, Medical and Sports Sciences, PCB, said that it is not uncommon for Hassan Ali to be injured twice in the same part of his body in less than a year. As a result, we have some excellent and experienced people. Consulted with experts.

He said that after the initial online rehab session, experts were happy to know that Hassan Ali did not show any effects of the symbolic return of the injury. However, these are the early days of the rehab program and we will find out more in this regard. We will also continue to review the effects of the fast bowler’s improvement for the next 5 weeks before the joint decision.

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Dr Sohail Saleem said that one thing is for sure that well-known experts in his field are treating Hassan Ali and he is hopeful that Hassan Ali will recover soon without surgery and return to competitive cricket.

“Hassan Ali is our asset and he is one of the heroes of the ICC Champions Trophy 2017 victory,” said Wasim Khan, chief executive of the Pakistan Cricket Board.

“At a time when Hassan Ali needs us and he is looking at us, it is the responsibility of the PCB to help him in these situations,” he said.

In late April, a medical panel of the Pakistan Cricket Board diagnosed Hassan Ali with severe pressure on his lower back.

Earlier, Hassan Ali had complained of pain in September 2019 due to which his name was withdrawn for the tour of Australia.

After feeling discomfort during the Quaid-e-Azam Trophy, he fully recovered and participated in the Pakistan Super League, the final round of which was postponed due to Corona.

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Hassan Ali, who made his debut in August 2016, has so far represented Pakistan in 2 Tests, 55 ODIs and 51 Twenty20 Internationals.

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