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Government decides to close VPN without registration after June 30

The Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) has said that users using virtual private networks (VPN) software to access all kinds of content on the Internet in the country must register by June 30, otherwise They will not be able to use this feature.

An advertisement and notification issued by PTA recommends that internet users register their VPN with their internet service provider by June 30.

Users who do not register by June 30 will not be able to use any of the VPN software after the deadline.

According to PTA, till June 30, all users can register for VPN from internet service providers for free.

In this regard, PTA has provided 2 forms to the internet service providers, after which the users will be registered.

The registration form provided to Dawn by an Internet service provider indicates that the user will also need to provide sensitive information for registration.

To register a VPN, the user will need to provide details of the VPN software, including their Internet Protocol (IP) address, as well as the purpose of using it or the details of their business.

To register, the user has to fill 2 forms and the user has to submit some required documents and affidavit.

Regarding VPN registration, the PTA said the move was aimed at curbing illegal activities in the country and protecting the national exchequer from damage.

VPNs not only allow ordinary users to access controversial and banned Internet content in the country, but are also used by businesses and especially banks.

Mobile and internet operators also do illegal business using such software, while some businesses also use the software to make illegal money transactions to avoid taxes.

This step of VPN registration by PTA is being taken under its 2010 Monitoring and Reconciliation of Telephone Traffic Regulations (MRITT) Act Provides the ability to monitor and block secret phone calls and Internet service.

The PTA has advised Internet users to register for VPN by June 30, otherwise they will lose access to such software.

The PTA has also warned that after June 30, strict action will be taken against individuals and organizations using VPNs illegally.

PTA’s announcement of VPN registration date comes at a time when many internet users have recently complained that VPN software is not working.

Users complained that they were having difficulty accessing the VPN even through the Tory browser, which gives them easy access to the VPN.

However, the PTA has clarified that it has not yet taken any action regarding VPN or Tory browser and action will be taken after June 30 in this regard.

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