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Google Chrome is about to solve a major user problem

V-surfing on the Internet is very common and most people open multiple websites on the browser at the same time, which greatly increases the load on the stem memory, which in turn affects the performance of the computer.

This problem has been exacerbated by the growing power of web browsers and the recent changes in websites.

That’s why Microsoft introduced a technology in its Edge browser in May 2020 that would help reduce memory usage on Windows systems by up to 27%, and the technology is now coming to Google Chrome.

Microsoft Edge memory enhancement technology was part of Windows 10’s May update.

Kim Danny, Microsoft Edge’s product manager, announced this in the past and said that the Windows 10 system is being improved in terms of memory.

Now Bruce Dawson of the Google Groom program has announced that the Chrome browser is also being made part of this technology through an update.

He said that now using Chrome will reduce the memory usage, however, the company is currently focusing on the ‘mysterious’ issues in the development of a new version of Chrome, after which the technology will be available to users. ۔

Memory usage is also increasing with the addition of apps in web browsers and today web apps generally rely on pre-built frameworks which make software development easier but consume a lot of memory.

Microsoft has now switched its browser to open source Chromium software, making Chrome and Edge almost identical.

Chromium-based Edge is not yet available to users, but will be available soon.

Microsoft has made several new updates to Chromium and added 3,000 Chromium codes so far.

Google has also acknowledged that Microsoft has improved Chromium’s user interface features, buttons and sliders, and completely redesigned grid layout technology, which will help web developers whose websites are more accessible to browsers. Face difficulties

But the two companies are also trying to attract each other’s customers.

Google is offering ads to Edge users asking them to switch to Chrome, while Microsoft Outlook is asking users to switch from Chrome to Edge.

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