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Genetic testing device developed with the help of a smartphone

BEIJING: A state-of-the-art device smaller than a matchbox has been developed that can analyze DNA from a smartphone’s power to detect a number of genetic conditions.

According to the  article that publish on ancientest website At present, DNA is tested only on large and expensive laboratory equipment. In contrast, Professor Ming Chen of the Chinese Army Medical University and his team have developed a device from some parts made from a 3D printer that is low cost, fast and very efficient, the device draws its energy from the smartphone. And can be run from any smartphone.

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The system can read DNA from samples of bodily fluids such as blood, saliva and urine. It weighs just 60 grams and can cost as little as 10. It shows its result within 80 minutes of adding the sample once.

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Interestingly, this device runs on the heat of the smartphone. Tubular detectors already contain certain chemicals, and if the DNA sample is identical to the previous one, the chemical changes color or emits light. Its signals go to the smartphone camera and the results appear on the display.

In early experiments, the device noted conditions such as alpha and beta thalassemia in the blood. He also genetically analyzed the saliva from the cheeks of some people and found out which of them could be addicted to alcohol.

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On the other hand, this system can also identify E. coli bacteria in milk and river. In addition, another bacterium affecting kiwi fruit has been identified from the same system.

According to experts, the smartphone system works with 97% accuracy compared to the general laboratory. With a little effort, it can identify RNA and then be able to detect the corona virus

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