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Fighting the legal battle of divorce, the couple became poor

The British capital, London, is one of the most expensive cities for divorce, with many wealthy people seeking divorce.

Legal complications and heavy lawyers’ fees mean nothing to wealthy couples, but one London couple became impoverished while fighting a legal battle over their divorce.

Yes, the couple who went to court for divorce lost all their property in terms of lawyers and loans.

According to the British newspaper Daily Mail, last week, the two-year long and tiring legal battle between the couple ended and the court approved the divorce of the couple.

Divorce Judge Robert Peel, approving the couple’s divorce, said the couple lost all their possessions in the cycle of separation and victory.

The judge said the couple had been married for 22 years and had three children and were living happily ever after, but then suddenly decided to divorce.

According to Judge Robert Peel, the couple shared a care home business and owned a five-room private home, a car and a few other items.

The judge said the couple’s life showed that they had tried to make a living by taking out a loan after the divorce decision and now owed up to  600,000.

The judge said the couple had only one joint-owned home left, which sold for 30 630,000, which would be shared between the two.

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According to the court, after the sale of the house, both of them will pay the lawyers’ fees, including paying off their debts, and thus, in fact, they will have only 5,000 pounds left after 2 years of war.

The judge lamented the couple’s divorce and also lamented how the couple destroyed themselves in an attempt to humiliate each other.

The couple’s divorce cases have been heard 13 times in the last two years, while the husband has also filed four separate petitions in the High Court and the Court of Appeal, but all his petitions have been rejected.

The identity of the divorced couple was kept secret, but everyone regretted their divorce.

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