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Facebook adds Wikipedia info box to search results

SAN FRANCISCO: Facebook has begun displaying information in a panel with search bar results to further refine search for people, places and events, and related results. Pages appear.

This has been acknowledged by some people using the Facebook app. According to people, the summary of Wikipedia comes to the fore and if the celebrity has an Instagram or any other official account, it also comes to the fore. In addition, other information related to the personality or the subject also comes to the fore.

Although Facebook has just introduced it, this feature is similar to the Google Knowledge feature that was introduced in 2012 and also contains information from Wikipedia.
One of the advantages of such an information box or panel is that it provides the background of the object being searched and the researcher stays on the platform for a while longer.

In the case of Facebook, this information either reveals the person’s reputation or affiliation with a negative group and thus helps to verify information and facts about any person. Similarly, if someone does a FiveG search, Facebook brings up the relevant facts and articles and other information on all conspiracy theories.

There is a lot of fake information on Facebook right now. Now that Facebook’s algorithm is designed in such a way that it takes into account the trends and trends where the smoky debate continues.
This means that its algorithm pays attention to the most controversial and hot topics and misinformation and fake news spreads more rapidly.

However, Facebook has not released any specific information or press release on this option, but some users have noted it in their own way.

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