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Extraordinary Proximity to Saturn and Jupiter: Another Sign of the Hour?

Karachi: Some religious circles claim that the growing proximity of the planets Saturn and Jupiter in the sky is in fact a sign of “nearness of the Hour” and also an indication that the return of Jesus (pbuh) is imminent Is.

These claims are based on the hypothesis of the famous European astronomer Johannes Kepler, who stated in various Gospels that the “stars of Bethlehem” preached the good news of the birth of Jesus (pbuh). It was not a star, but a rare astronomical sight when Saturn and Jupiter came so close to each other in the sky that they looked like a bright star instead of two separate points.

This famous sixteenth- and seventeenth-century astronomer had carefully calculated that the event took place in the year 7 BC, when the last dates of December were running; that is, the same dates as when Jesus (pbuh) Was born. (On this basis, some historians reject the customary beginning of the Christian calendar.)

On the evening of December 21 this year, almost the same scene will happen again: Jupiter and Venus will be so close to each other after sunset that they will look like a bright star around the western horizon.

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