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Effective detection of early cancer is possible with terahertz waves

Japan: Breast cancer occurs when it has taken root. But now experts at Osaka University have succeeded in making an early diagnosis of breast cancer with the help of terahertz technology. Thanks to this, only half a millimeter tumor can be identified.

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Osaka University and some French institutions have jointly used terahertz technology. Through this process of photography, messengers can be seen which could not be identified before. The cancer sample does not stain at all and the image appears very clear. In this way, it will be possible to save tens of millions of women from dying. This is because it is easier to control cancer after early detection.

There are two types of breast cancer, invasive (invasive) and non-invasive (non-invasive). But in the first dangerous type of cancer, it spreads to the ducts of the breast and can spread rapidly to the breast and the whole body. That is why, once both types of cancer are identified early, it is easier to treat and avoid complications.

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The process of looking at the terahertz level can also show us a few millimeters of change or tumor. This involves emitting terahertz rays from a laser and inserting it directly into a breast cancer sample.

The founder of the technique, Kosuke Okade, and his colleagues have tried to see a tumor smaller than 0.5 mm from the process. It has had tremendous success and is 1000 times more efficient and workable than traditional methods.

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In the next step, it will be further improved through machine learning.

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