Donald Trump calls for a stay-at-home order

In this July 17, 2019, photo, President Donald Trump arrives to speak at a campaign rally at Williams Arena in Greenville, N.C. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

WASHINGTON: Several members of the White House Corona Virus Task Force have called for the Trump administration’s inability to enforce a nationwide order to stay home despite more than a thousand deaths in a single day due to a Corona virus in the United States. Raised the question

It should be noted that more than a thousand recorded deaths were recorded in a single day from the Corona virus in the United States.

In addition, about 2 million 60,000 cases were reported in the United States till late afternoon, while nearly 7,000 people have died from the global outbreak.

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In an interview to CBS News, Governor of Maryland Larry Hogan warned that the US capital and its suburbs could become the next Corona virus center in a few weeks.

Comparing epidemic outbreaks to the hurricane, the governor said the virus had infected all 50 states, and its severity was increasing daily, making it worse.

In New York, where more than two and a half thousand people have been killed by the virus, Governor Andrew Cuomo said the state has only six days after which ventilators will not be available.

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“It’s very simple that if a person comes to the ICU, he needs a ventilator or he should die,” the governor said at a news briefing in New York.

Meanwhile, Dr. Anthony Fossey, an infectious disease therapist in the White House, questioned why the US federal government is not imposing home-stay orders.

He told CNN that if we see what is happening in the country then I do not understand why then we are not doing so.

It should be noted that the US President has given up on any state and local government to implement such orders, but he has emphasized the need to keep social distance.

However, several states in the United States have not yet issued orders for housing.

On the other hand, White House Corona Virus Response Coordinator Dr. Deborah Berks called on Americans to strictly adhere to social distance.


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“When we say that there is no gathering of 10 people, it is clear that there are no dinner parties or cocktail parties,” he said, adding that we have already served restaurants and bars within our limits. From providing.

In addition, the US Bureau of Labor State Stocks reports that in the week ending March 28, 6 million people were unemployed, and by the end of this month that number will rise to 100 million.

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