Do you have the flu, flu or corona virus? Very easy to identify

If you have runny nose or itching in your eyes, it does not mean that you have the new Novel Corona Virus Disease Cod 19.

However, if you experience dry cough, fatigue, and fever, then Cody 19 can be suspected.

But it can also be the flu, and clinicians say that not all symptoms are limited to a single disease; you may think you are a victim of the coronary virus, but it is a seasonal allergy or influenza.

Experts say there are many common symptoms of common cold, flu, and cod 19, and they can be difficult to distinguish, all of them are viruses, but the viruses that cause them all are different.

Significant difference
But one of the major differences between the three is the difficulty in breathing, a symptom of the corona virus, a common symptom that comes before pneumonia.

Generally, flu or nasal congestion do not cause breathing difficulties until pneumonia becomes infected.

Experts say that influenza is very similar to Cody 19, but difficulty breathing is not as high as Cody 19’s patients.

New corona virus sufferers usually have difficulty breathing 5 to 10 days after the first sign of fever.

No sign of sneezing
Sneezing, runny nose, facial discomfort and itching in the eyes are all symptoms of allergy or common diarrhea, but it is not common in Code 19.

According to the World Health Organization, the most common symptoms of Code 19 include fever, fatigue and dry cough, some patients may also experience discomfort, itching, runny nose, runny nose, throat swelling or diarrhea.

Symptoms of Code 19 are usually seen in a patient 2 to 14 days after the virus is infected.

But the World Health Organization says some infected people do not show any symptoms and their health does not deteriorate, so they can transmit the virus to their surroundings.

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The symptoms of allergies can be chronic
Cod 19 is a disease like the flu or common cold that causes people to feel well until the symptoms appear.

In contrast, allergies are usually chronic and their symptoms may appear and disappear for weeks, months, or years, but allergies usually do not experience fever or physical itching, even if cough is not high. Did not become.

Allergies result in more frequent sneezing, especially for asthma sufferers who may have difficulty breathing allergies, but do not suffer from cholera, sore throat.

Likewise, symptoms such as quad 19, diarrhea or flu include fever, headache and physical pain, while allergies usually affect the respiratory tract and their severity can be reduced with anti-allergy medicines.

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Despite the symptoms, it is not flu
Coding 19 is not a flu and it acts more like a common cold virus than the flu.

But in terms of symptoms, it is similar to the flu and difficult to distinguish, but one difference is noticeable and it is difficult to breathe, which is a common symptom of Code 19 but it is not encountered in the flu.

However, experts believe that if the severity of cod 19 is mild, the treatment that can be used to treat the flu or common cold can also help to control the symptoms of the corona virus.

Fortunately, the severity of 80% of Code 19 cases is moderate.

By the way, common colds are not comparable to the worldwide mortality rate, whereas seasonal allergies are considered dangerous rather than dangerous.

Influenza is, however, a disease that causes 12 to 60 thousand deaths in the United States each year alone.

Code 19 can cause more fatalities because it has the potential to spread easily and people currently have no immune response to it.

If you find yourself feeling ill or feeling like cod is 19, it can be prevented by spreading quarantine for at least 2 weeks.

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In fact if the disease is suspected, call the helpline 1166 about the symptoms and the authorities will determine if a test is needed.

If you experience symptoms such as difficulty breathing, persistent pain, or chest compression, you should seek immediate medical attention.

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