Do keys, phones and currency notes increase the risk of covid-19?

Your home is a safe haven in this era of the new Novel Corona virus disease code 19, which you will want to keep free of the virus.

But what should you do when you get out of the house for some important work? Is it necessary to return your smartphone, wallet, currency and notes and keys with you outside the house and wash them with hot water and soap?

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Medical experts say that we are always subject to the unknown bacteria, viruses and parasites, which are present in everything, including mobile phones, wrist watches, eyeglasses. ۔

But that doesn’t mean that whatever you have outside the house should be returned and scrubbed well.

Experts say the good news is that most things do not pose a risk, and you do not need to refrain or clean them, just take care of one thing and they are in your hands.

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This is because when it comes to the risk of code 19, the biggest risk may be your own hands.

Not that there is no danger from common use items, but phones and electronics can be wiped clean with wipes or a 70% alcohol spray.

Experts say that the virus usually infects the nose or mouth through the body, in most cases a person coughing or getting too close to the exhalation of particles by inhalation of the virus into the body of a healthy person. Enters.

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But he also said that many times a person coughs every hand, sneezes on something nearby or opens the door without washing his hands, later that thing comes in handy or you open the door, then on the hands. Germs can be transmitted and if they are eaten without washing, they can enter the body.

He says currency notes are a good example of this; very few people realize how high the notes contain bacterial contamination, many researchers have proven that they can contain various types of bacteria, viruses and other living organisms. Are

A study is being presented this month at the European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases to address these concerns.

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The study, by Hamburg Ependrov, of the University Medical Center in Germany, did not focus on code 19, but did find evidence that European currency notes were highly susceptible to bacterial contamination.

But the solution is not to throw away or wash any notes, nor is it necessary to spray disinfectant on the keys, but the solution is to take care of hand hygiene.

Experts say that it is possible for the outbreak to be prevented by illness, such as using face masks and practicing social distance, while frequent washing hands for which common soap and water are effective.

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