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Destan Episode 18 With English, Urdu Subtitles Full HD

Destan Episode 18 Review

In Destan Episode 18, Ece said that Colpan would kill Tegins. Akiz says Khan’s children are still alive and Kolpan wants to make a deal. Meanwhile, Kolpan talks to Khan’s son and tells them what happened years ago. Destan Episode 18 Danis says the soldiers are ready to go to the mountains. As he put on his armor, Khan found that the paper he had hidden there was missing.Destan18,Dastan18,Destan episode 18,dastan episode 18

Batuga secretly goes to the dungeon and asks Akkiz why did he return to the palace. Akiz said that Balamir set a trap for Nagel and Teginas. Batuga realizes that Balamir wants to be an inn and exits through a secret tunnel with Akiz. Sirma gives Batuga Khan paper and tells him that he cannot get the seal. Batuga says Balamir should not die, but Akkiz disagrees.

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Destan Episode 18 Alpagu says he will allow Doug to trade now, but Kolpan wants more. Alpagu tells Kolpan that he will have voting rights in the council and invites him to the palace. Some strong bey comes to Balamir’s tent and asks him to prove Alpagu’s weakness. Edge asked Akiz to leave the palace, but Akiz returned to his room without saying anything.

Alpagu says they reconciled with Doug for a year and Kolpan will attend a hunting festival. Kolpan says Tutkun will marry Kaya. Balamir devised a plan to attack Hunting Holidays and informed his soldiers about it. Kun Ata saw Khan’s wound and mentioned the herbs needed for the medicine. Khan said he couldn’t take the medicine he needed right now because of the hunting holiday.

Destan Episode 18 Edge then asks Kuzu to kill Akiz during the hunting festival. When Kircicek returned to his room, he saw Akkiz. Akiz says he is not claw and Balamir will attack teginas. Kircichek fights with Akiz but is defeated. Akiz then goes to Kolpan’s room but can’t find anyone there. Batuga says Kolpan might have gone to talk to Saltuk.

Akiz said he wanted to go hunting with Kaya and asked Khan’s permission. Kircicek goes to Gunseli’s room and gives him poison to kill Tutkun. Kircicek says he just wants to escape from the palace and asks Gunseli for help. Balamir’s army attacked Akiz and Kaya first. Other soldiers start attacking Temur. The soldiers that Akkiz brought from Doug saved him.

Destan Episode 18 Alpagu thought for a moment and said that he would leave Khan’s post because his health was not good. Alpagu said there would soon be a big meeting where the council would hold elections. When Temur returned to the palace, he went to the warehouse and started talking to Tutkun. Tutkun says he loves Temur but has to obey Kolpan’s orders. Temur got very angry and started arguing with Kaya. The poison started working and Tutkun fell to the ground. Alpagu quietly left with Batuga and Akkiz.

Story Plot of Destan Turkish Series :

Destan Turkish Series – Story Plot, Cast and Release Date featuring Ebru Sahin

Destan Turkish Series – Story Plot, Cast and Release Date featuring Ebru Sahin

Destan Turkish Series

The Destan Turkish Series is a brave experience set in the year 750 AD. The story, which happens during the spread of Islam and in a climate where Turks met Islam, will likewise zero in on Central Asian culture.

Delivery Date of Destan Turkish Series:

Destan Turkish Series – Story Plot, Cast and Release Date featuring Ebru Sahin

The delivery date of the Destan Turkish Series isn’t yet declared. Be that as it may, the SeriesSeries will meet with its crowd on ATV screens. In spite of the fact that it is realized that the channel has settled on Friday nights, no proper declaration has yet been made. Before long, there will be an authority declaration.

Is the tale of the ‘Destan’ series genuine?

Destan Episode 18 English Subtitles Full HD

Destan Episode 18 Urdu Subtitles Full HD

Destan Episode 18 Trailer 1 English Subtitles

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